Lycien-David Cséry (*1985 in Tarmstedt, GER) lives and works in Buchenberg, Allgäu.

2012, Co-Founder of the Affenfaust Gallery, Hamburg
2016 & 2018, Work Trade Residency at A-Z West (Andrea Zittel) in Mojave Desert, California 
2016, Artist assistent, Michail Pirgelis, Los Angeles
2018, Artist assistent, Jay Nelson, Los Angeles
2019, Artist assistent, Christian Werner, Berlin


2021, 43. Ostallgäuer Kunstausstellung, group show, Künstlerhaus Marktoberdorf
2021, Kunst aus dem Allgäu, group show, Alpin-Museum Kempten
2021, Release A-Z West Work Trade Residency, JB. Institute, Berlin
2017, Dont Trust No Shadow After Dark?, collab Jan Breuer, HFBK, Hamburg
2017, Der Greif - Guest room, online group show, curated by Hester Keijser
2017, We are antonyms, group show, Barcelona 
2016, Cyan/Anthracite, group show, Affenfaust Gallery, Hamburg
2014, Cyan, group show, XH Bunker, Hamburg

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