Cyan / Anthracite

„Skaters by their very nature are urban guerrillas: they make every day use of the useless artifacts of the technological burden, and employ the handiwork of the government/corporate structure in a thousand ways that the original architects could never dream of.“ (Craig Stecyk, 1976)

Craig Stecyk, the graphic designer and photographer for the famous Zephyr team puts the creative part of skateboarding to the point. Skateboarding involves the appropriation of the public space, often in illegal ways. So from the beginning there was a relation to urban art and photography. Besides mainstream media and marketing that had a big influence on skating in the past, evolving aspects of subculture remained – and the connection to art has been an important part in that relation. In a similar way the historically related subculture of surfing progressed in another direction but developed a different style with an own artistic environment. The culture of surfing is also interacting with art, film, photography and music.

The group exhibition „Cyan/Anthracite“ is dedicated to local and international contemporary artists that create their work in the environment of these two linked subcultures.

44 Flavours, Ben Cook, Benjamin Jean Jean, Brettspiel, Broken Fingaz, Brokovich, César Ancelle Hansen, Dave the Chimp, David Claußen, Fabian Wolf, H.Y.T. Studio, Jérôme Romain, Kottie Paloma, Lukas Gansterer, Lycien-David Cséry, Malarko, Marcus Schild, Michele Buss, Monica Garza, Oscar Delmar, Pablo Cots, Polly Bosworth, Primoz Zorko, Sergej Vutuc, Simon Frank, Tomek Niewiadomski, Velwet

04.03.2016 - 13.03.2016